To implement Cryowave technology, Cryowave has developed and will supply a new type of valve-like device that is more efficient than traditional throttling valves allowing additional energy recovery functions that surpass traditional devices. Over the last year, Cryowave has also identified potential market share of applications in the industrial production processes through the measures of industrial system analysis and the initial approaching of potential customers. Resulting from Cryowave technology, Cryowave delivers new solutions to benefit industrial, commercial and residential customers.

The company will provide customers with the following products:

  • Supply a series of the patented GWC products to the chemical engineering and cryogenic equipment market. Meeting a universal range of operating conditions, GWC products are categorized into the three serial products with six models to cover common operating pressure drop range (3,000 ~ 30 psi) and flow ratio (100,000~1000 ccf./h) in industrial processing systems. In addition, GWC devices are equipped with flow control function so that can replace traditional valves. These products feature absolutely no moving parts with high quality and marked efficiency.
  • Offer long-term ongoing service contract, for customers who use Cryowave's products, including Cryowave's product maintenance, updating, and licensing.
  • Develop new GWC products to meet the demand of industrial applications in new fields.