Cryowave Advanced Technology, Inc. (CWAT) is a leading company that provides the uniquely innovative pressure expansion and controlling technology, thermoacoustic expansion technology (TAET) and energy recovery products for industries to improve processes and systems efficiency and productivity. TAET product can be applied to the following industrial sectors:

  • Infrared sensing cooling in space and military missions;
  • Cryogenic refrigeration;
  • Medical device cooling (Cryogenic surgeon instrument);
  • Industrial gas liquefaction;
  • Offshore and onshore gas productions and processing;

TAET is a new type of patented technology that uses pressure drop to drive high energy acoustic wave systems and carry out energy conversion processes for the purposes of cooling, heating, and energy recovery required in different industrial processes and systems.

TAET product family includes the following products:

  • Thermoacoustic expanders (TAE),
  • Thermoacoustic pressure regulators (TAEPR),
  • Thermoacoustic coolers (TAEC),
  • Thermoacoustic expansion valves (TAEV)

TAE has the following unique features:

  • Absolutely no moving parts to carry out expansion and refrigeration;
  • Energy efficiency and the thermoacoustic mechanism suitable to scale up and down of device capacity;
  • High reliability, simplicity, and low cost to be manufactured;
  • Enabling to adjust flow volume rate as required;
  • Wide range of operating conditions (different gas types, flow rate, and pressure drop ratio);

CWAT also provides technical services for customers to identify the feasibility of TEAT in their processes, revamp the systems, and assess economic return, etc. in order for customers to maximize the benefits from applying TAET.